I paint my own reality...

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Subconscious Development Coaching

This is a sacred space to open up your energetic channels and connect with your divine, spiritual soul. Learn more about

co-creation versus co-dependency. Understand your highest potential self on subconscious levels and more clearly benefit from the energies within and around you.

Remember, we are focusing on inner power versus outer control.

The Universe Is Calling You

Reiki--A Powerful and Potent Blend of Universal Life Forces

Cleanse, rejuvenate and shower your energy with unconditional love, powerful healing properties, and ancestral techniques. Ready and align yourself to explore your inner freedom through all seventeen chakras.



Get Your Energy In Shape
Transform Your Fear Into Tools and Teachers

Discover strength within vulnerability.

Nourish your authenticity and breakthrough to your goddess identity. Become intimate with the deeper layers of your subconscious mind.


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"WOW! Sam has truly changed my life, she’s a complete miracle to me! I literally would recommend this beautiful angel to absolutely EVERYONE as she’s THAT amazing. Sam is FANTASTIC. I trust her with my entire life!! No words can ever describe the magic of her heart and soul. PLEASE do yourself the biggest favor of your life & have a reading with her, she’s so special. It’s a MUST!"


Rachelle Gillis