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My name is Samantha Vax. I am the CEO of The Earth Mother-Serene Divination and I am a High-Performance Lifestyle Mentor. I work strictly within the fields of Mindset Work and Reiki Healing. I help women who are highly motivated improve their lifestyle by growing themselves and dissolving their comfort zone. I host accountability platforms and assist you in making sure your dreams come true through achieving wealth, worth and luxury in all areas of life. This begins within the Mind, Body and Soul. 

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Here at The Earth Mother - Serene Divination, we provide the best care and wellness to our clients, ensuring their experience is everything they desire. Below we have provided you with a space for you to be heard, understood, and cared for. Please complete and submit the below information, ensuring you provide details of challenges you are currently experiencing within your lifestyle and the goals you desire to achieve, which will add to your lifestyle.

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