About Samantha Vax

The Earth Mother

My name is Samantha Vax and I am The Earth Mother.

Get To Know Samantha Vax, Astrology Advocate and Master

When Samantha Vax first developed a taste for Astrology, she was just nine years old! It was on and off from there until she birthed her beautiful son, on 11/11/11. From here, things flew by as she chased her career and love for school teaching and pursued her interest in Astrology and other various teachings within spirituality.

In doing so, Samantha has studied and researched many different belief systems around the world, taken an interest in numerology, and is a certified Reiki Master. She understands the different gifts we share between all of our soul selves, and tailors and designs her techniques and tools to best benefit you. Samantha Vax minored in Child Development Psychology and understands the complexity of the way a human brain develops from a young age; the patterns which have been engrained in us, and the traumas or fears we've held on to from a young age since.

When Samantha is not helping you heal, explore, and empower, she enjoys quiet time in nature and socializing with her community. Samantha Vax continues to expand her mindset and her family and friends circle, and spreading strength and vulnerability.

Which Is Right For You?

Tarot Reading


Astrology update

45 Minutes

Black Moon Lilith, Sun, Moon, and Ascendent/Rising

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Mars, Jupiter, and Venus

Zone in on Specified Areas of Life

1 Hour

5 Weeks

Twice a Week

Get Your Energy In Shape

1 Hour per Session