Akashic Record Dive

Understand Your Personal History Book.
Who are you? Let's find out together through your
Akashic Records.

240 Minutes

Dreams become lost in the chaos details create, but by witnessing the bigger picture, you are able to live a life full of possibilities and embody clear vision.


  • The art of reality-engaged healing by creating an emotional connection to yourself from your past

  • The depth of your emotional well-being and define your needs for strong standards and healthy boundaries

  • How to free yourself from doubt energy and trust yourself fully by positively challenging yourself through perception and strengthening the metaphysical mind muscles

  • How to calibrate your own frequency for continuous vibrational elevation, enhancing your life experience and enjoyment through success



A Private PDF Document Containing:

  • Overview of what was discussed during our session

  • Energy blueprint of what was found within your Akashic Records during our session (3 complete lifetimes)

  • Descriptions of how these life patterns and cycles present themselves in your reality currently and what to look for

  • 5-10 answers from your higher self (from questions of your choosing) in order to gain clarification, progression, and success

  • Energetic techniques you can practice on your own, enhancing forward movement within your goals and you Qi (Life Force Energy)


  • Activate new energy frequencies, infusing new life, rejuvenation, and freedom into your being

  • Discover your truth through mind expansion, wisdom activation and a deep reverence towards time and space

  • Understand your life purpose through new perspectives, supported action and by fully embodying the power that you are

  • Enjoy a safe sacred energetic space to heal cycles and patterns, and enter a new level of exploration

 Price $1,250