Akashic Record Dive​

Understand Your Personal History Book.
Who are you? Let's find out together through your
Akashic Records.


Use Akashic Record Dives as a helpful tool to understand your past, personal power, and life purpose.

Akashic Record Dive-- create space in your heart, and allow your soul to speak to you freely. During these 240 minutes, we will discuss your strongest desires, blocks or challenges, and any curiosities that may arise! Leaving behind stress, worry, and anxiety, I introduce you to a world inside of you, never before seen--unconditional love opens the flood gates for opportunities and luck. Heal ancestral wounds, understand where root challenges take place, and discover and uncover your truest desires underneath your fears. Let us dip into your subconscious in the most safe and sacred ways. I am right here with you; beside you. Take the next step in your healing, success, and leadership growth --Desires and Dreams coming to life, Energy Channels opened completely, Connection to yourself and Discovering of magical powers within.

Akashic Record Dive!


-90-120 Minutes of Talk Time Before and After Our Session

-Akashic Record Dive

-Follow Up Email

-Summary of What We Discussed in Our Session

+ Focus Notes and Next Steps

-Suggested Energetic Activities

-5-8 Page PDF File of Each of the 3 Life Times We Discovered and Discussed

+ 10 Answered Questions From Your Soul/Higher Self


-Receive Ancestral Soul Wisdom and Fill In Missing Puzzle Pieces In Your Life

-Learn, Understand, and Become Deeply Intimate With Your Past Life Times

+ 3 Past Life Times: Birth, Life, Death (The Soul Stories Within)

-Master The Steps It Takes To Heal and Rid Yourself Of Toxic, Old, and Low Vibrational Stories

-Learn To Heal All Areas Of Life and Detach From Outside Energy

-Master Old Story Wounds From Previous Life Times and Reach Your Greatest Potential In This Life Time

-Master How To Work With The Fears You Don't Understand, Stemming From Past Lives

+ Experience Freeing Adventures In This Life Time

-Master and Understand On Profound Levels What It Means To Be You, How You Best Operate

+ Your Do's and Don'ts

-Master Goals Quickly and Achieve Dreams With Ease When You Become The Observer

-Fully Enter The World Of The Subconscious Mind

+ Begin Creating Healthy, Unconscious Patterns (Advanced)

-Master How To Practice Personalized Energetic Activities That Will Help Recalibrate Energy Within The Body

+Transform Energy Within The Subconscious Mind

-Jump Start Your Integration Process Within The 3 Part Mind

Price $1,250