Astrological Coaching

Learn The Depth Of Your Spiritual Gifts
And Revolutionary Planetary Placements


Work with me in a one on one coaching session. Come with me into a journey of exploring the stars.

Start your alignment process by giving yourself permission to be YOU in your truest form, opening up your energetic channels and becoming more vulnerable than you ever have before. During these 60 minutes, we will discuss the treasures which reside in your subconscious mind, introduce ourselves to these higher energies of being, and develop strong relationships with them as we bring them into the light of our consciousness. Discover the universe within you by healing your inner child, rejuvenating self-love, and opening new doors to courage and bravery. We will work on releasing old trauma, letting go of negativity that seems to follow you, and learn how to positively flow in the moment! Be supported in improving your overall health.


Soul Awakening and Restoration takes place when one is able and wanting to explore their inner freedom. Are you ready to explore yours? Through powerful tools of healing, historical research, and passion, you receive a potent energy exchange, strengthening the relationship you hold with yourself. 

Take the next step and consistently elevate yourself --Romance, Flowing Finances, Friendship, Family, and your Dream Career. You can have it all.


Live comfortably and with ease


-1:1 Astrological Coaching

-Educationally Based

-Follow-Up Email

-Summary of What We Discussed in Our Session

+ Focus Notes and Next Steps

-Suggested Energetic Activities

-3-5 Page PDF File of Energy Traits, Energy Challenges to Pin-Point and Transform

+ Energetic Natural Gifts


-Master Healthy Boundaries and Standards

-Master The Steps It Takes To Heal and Rid Yourself Of Toxic, Old, and Low Vibrational Cycles

-Master Succession In All Areas Of Life Through Ancestral and Karmic Wisdom

-Master How To Work With Your Astrological Placements

-Master and Understand On Profound Levels What It Means To Be You, How You Best Operate

+ Your Do's and Don'ts

-Master Goals Quickly and Achieve Dreams With Ease When You Become The Observer

-Master How To Practice Personalized Energetic Activities That Will Help Recalibrate Energy Within The Body

+Transform Energy Within The Subconscious Mind

-Jump Start Your Integration Process Within The 3 Part Mind


Price $550