Astrological Coaching

Learn The  the inner secrets everyone desires, but no one talks about -- The Depth Of Your Spiritual Gifts
And Revolutionary Planetary Placements

90 Minutes

A distinguished mentality brings confidence, respect and precision. An absolute WEALTH of knowledge in understanding the root of who you are and where your success stems from.


  • How to identify your own patterns and cycles for rapid movement forward and gathered momentum towards your dreams

  • What it means to create success in your life through your unique energy frequencies

  • The science and metaphysics behind your response patterns and reaction patterns, so that you can focus your energy on achieving your goals

  • The art of surrendering your stress by knowing where it is coming from and how to move through it with EASE


A Private PDF Document Containing:

  • Overview of what was discussed during our session

  • Description outline of how these placements present themselves in your reality and what to look for

  • Energetic techniques you can practice on your own enhancing forward movement within your goals and you Qi (Life Force Energy)

  • Next steps in achieving your distinguished mentality and a world of success


  • Discover your truth through mind expansion and wisdom activation

  • Fully understand your life purpose through supported action

  • Enjoy a relaxed, sacred energetic space to be explorative and wondrous, activating new energy frequencies infused with success

  • A deeper understanding of how to gain and maintain confidence, bringing fruitful opportunities into your reality


Price $550