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Commit to yourself...

We, as human beings, are called to our spirituality and asked to listen to our intuition. With this said, the importance of our health is taken to new levels. Make a positive change; a unique, vibrational frequency and built-in support system. Choose the package right for you.

Sooth Your Mind and Strengthen Your Internal Structure

Work with your Sun, Moon, Ascendent/Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,  Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, North Node, South Node, Aspects, and Houses!

Week One: Identity

Identify who you are, who you want or wish to be, what's holding you back, and energetically shift to the NOW. During this five week bootcamp, you will learn many ways to heal your body and overcome trauma. In this first week, we will be focusing on your identity and where you feel you fit in in the world. We dive deeply into your internal world of consciousness and accentuate your natural gifts and strengths. We discus a healing daily schedule that works best for you, in order to nourish your soul, as well as finding space and time for healthy releases and letting go of toxic cycles. 

Focus-Sun, Moon and Ascendent/Rising Signs

Week Three: Recovery

Our main focus this week, will be to move through gentle waves of energy shifting. It is time to put our beautiful soul into action, so that our ego may feel balanced and our mind may be tranquil. While we shift our energy into a higher vibration, we allow vulnerability to shine through, stronger than ever. We are capable of things we once deemed impossible and feel empowered and ready to tackle our dreams.

Focus-Mars and Jupiter

Remember goals are dreams with a plan. 

                                           -Samantha Vax

Week Two: Repair

Often times, our trauma stems from our childhood (0-35 yrs). It is important that we forgive these parts of ourselves in order to release emotion weights and chains which keep us in the past--a timeline that is no longer us. By moving through our inner suppressions and having sacred space to release, we allow ourselves permission to move forward and live the life we want NOW.

Focus-Mercury and Venus

Week Five: Discover

We will go through a series of self-love solutions for a clearer mind and a more joy-filled lifestyle. This is our closure and our way of saying good-bye to our past--as a remembrance, not as a limitation. Who are you NOW? Are You ready to explore your new identity, your new sense of self? Let us practice higher consciousness as we move our energy exchanges to higher frequencies and recognize the beauty behind our transformation. 


Week Four: Replenish

Now that we have made our energetic shift, it is important to touch on our passion projects and re-ignite the love we feel for those closest to us. This is a session of gratitude and light. Let us set intentions and bring manifestations into fruition. It is time to activate the child-like energy within us, so that we may be equally as curious and intuitive as we once were, so that we may trust and be open whenever we feel called, and so that we may love ourselves unconditionally, as to not allow our happiness and security limitations. 


Week Six: Spiritual Essence

This week is about finding natural gifts which elevate and challenge us to take on a higher sense of self. This week we will be getting deeply in touch with our spiritual side and discuss soul talk, a healthy outlet and healing release of emotion. Here, we lift the stress and the anxiety of the 3D realm and step into our Goddess or God role. We are moving forward into the complete mindset of abundance and embodying our dreams and desires.


Get Connected and Stay In Touch

Week Seven: Shadows Revealed

Curious what you've been scared of your entire life? I'm not talking about monsters or heart-break. I'm talking about success, money flowing in, and pure, committed, and faithful love. What secret super powers are you neglecting? Let us nurture and guide them out and start utilizing them. Pluto is an extremely abundant and beautifully transformative planet, not to be feared, but embraced!


Week Nine: Life Purpose Path

Let us learn the depth behind our surprising Astrological truth! Our North Node and South Node support us in major life lessons. Using this harmonious direction energy, we can move forward with ease and with purpose. This is also a placement that plays a huge role in our standards. Open your heart to vulnerability through fulfilling purposeful work. 

Focus-North Node and South Node

Week Eight: Stagnancy Be Gone

This week we turn our focus to cyclical patterns. Do you ever feel like you attract the same kind of people or encounter similar situations/challenges? This is lovely Black Moon Lilith, who is a point in the sky, holding us accountable for past life actions, and encouraging us to move through our fears. Her Overall goal is to instill bravery and confidence in us. Let us turn her lessons into Astrological tools. 

Focus-Black Moon Lilith

Week Ten: Soul Talk

Understand and become familiarized with how your planets talk with each other. Your planets are extensions of your life areas and persona. It is important to understand possible hinderances or challenges, as well as strength areas and beautiful, natural gifts. 


Week Eleven: Energy Flow pt.1

Understand your values on a deep, spiritual level, as well as creating a stable foundation of self-worth. Follow your Life Purpose Path and where you feel you are being energetically called. Let us openly discuss and curiously ponder hidden gifts in your houses, together. 

Focus-Houses (1-6)

Week Twelve: Energy Flow pt. 2

Understand your values on a deep, spiritual level, as well as creating a stable foundation of self-worth. Follow your Life Purpose Path and where you feel you are being energetically called. Let us openly discuss and curiously ponder hidden gifts in your houses, together. Close the door on your past identity and send it off with love and light. Step into your truest form by being your most authentic self.

Focus-Houses (7-12)