Attracting Your Twin Flame

Bring together two life-changing energy bodies and watch their magic flourish

You can have happiness in your life, through partnership with your Twin Flame. When manifesting, mirroring, and attracting your Twin Flame, know that they will not be your happiness all together, but simply add to the happiness you have created within yourself. 

Learn about the Law of Attraction in this particular life area, and what you can do to specifically manifest, mirror, and attract this energy. Attract your Twin Flame knowing that in doing so, there comes responsibility with this. This is your energy partner yes, but as in all relationships, there will be tests and trying times. The difference between this particular partner and all others, is that the Divine Cosmic Order is intuitively guiding and shifting both of you simultaneously, meaning you will go through the same energetic shifts, at the same time, requiring you to master the ultimate balance within yourself and the relationship.

This is a match made in heaven...literally. Use this energy kit to help you attract your Twin Flame, through education, manifestation, visualization, and dream planning affirmations. 

Price $50

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