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Meet Samantha



AUTHOR / Speaker

Our Story

At the core of it,
Samantha's Mission is
to help people experience pure bliss..



Samantha’s healing corporate workshops and public speaking sessions are designed to blend her teaching experience and spiritual trainings to help those in need stand in their own truth, release old patterns, and begin leading authentic and fulfilling lives. Through healing these past wounds, her clients then step into lives filled with serenity, purpose and true fulfillment.

A Note from Samantha:

As a child, I witnessed family members struggle with addiction, workaholism and overwhelm, and felt helpless watching them suffer. After graduating high school, I attended Holy Names University and later began a demanding career working for private schools around America, as a single mom.


Without the tools to find balance and work through my emotions, I dealt with the stress of my career by becoming obsessive about my work and controlling in parenting. Before long, I found myself feeling lost, and neglected my body, mind, and soul. My high-stress lifestyle started to unravel me, which manifested itself through crippling anxiety, intense back pain, and chronic sickness.


Hoping for a fresh start, I moved to Hawaii, where I sought out every kind of holistic healing practice and spent thousands of dollars to find help to heal my pain, to no avail. 


Eventually, I was re-introduced to my own power through alternative healing, including Reiki, and other energy work. It had such a profound impact on my wellbeing, and on my son's life that a lightbulb went off and I knew that I needed to share these teachings with the world so that everyone could find their path to pure bliss; to joy. Honing in on my already strong background in Astrology, I further developed the pathway to Subconscious Development, working with the three-part mind: Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious, creating strategies that allow freedom in structure for all. 

Most revered by clients: The Samantha Codes.

The Samantha Codes were proudly created by Samantha Vax to help others develop powerful structure through the understanding of self. Not having information we feel we need at the time can often feel nerve-racking, and Samantha understands this. This is why she has created The Samantha Codes which serve as a guide book in how to recognize patterns within yourself and elevate them to ultimate health and wealth. Use The Samantha Codes to help you develop your structure; the structure that works for you. 

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I feel your pain


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