3-DAY CHALLENGE: How to Transform Your Dreams into Your Reality

Learn my proven step-by-step METHODOLOGY to transforming your dreams into your reality, through the power of TRUST.

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The #1 reason 5 out of 10 women fail to reach their dreams is because their subconscious limiting beliefs are blocking them from success. Secondly, they don't have a strategy or tools to help them build the trust within themselves and their decision making abilities.

The average woman uses the strategy of

"If I perfect this job someone will notice me and ask me to take on more responsibility," or "work harder, not smarter."

Now is your opportunity to become CEO of your personal and professional life and have a strategic plan for your success.

Because when you embody your truth, transform your trauma, and birth your true purpose and calling...your entire life transforms.

I've been working deeply with the energy of the subconscious mind for a decade now.

And I've helped develop many women to transform their dreams into their reality through the process of trust and subconscious development.

So, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't.

After 10 years of seeking truth, I've developed a methodology that really works to develop transforming women and grow their confidence and trusting themselves.

This is a proven system that includes both spiritual mastery and mastery of the human experience: subconscious re-programming, Universal Law, Life Force Energy, Truth Triangle Framework...along with a roadmap for spiritual success and freedom sought future.

And it's been used by women all around the world. From the United States, to the U.K., to China, to Australia, to Brazil, and many more.

For the first time ever, outside of my high-level coaching (3k-7k), I'm revealing the exact system I use and my clients use for success and growth.

You're Going To Learn

3 Essential Things:

Day 1: How to Transform Your Dreams into Your Reality

  • Learn how to breakthrough your subconscious limiting beliefs and gain the trust of yourself, so that you can continuously develop, integrate, and grow.

  • Learn my entire methodology to trusting yourself through subconscious development, ensuring transformation both personally and professionally.

  • Learn to develop a healthy focus on expanding the four major life areas: Career & Money, Relationships and Love, Health and Vitality, and Creative Expression and Flow.

  • Learn the Subconscious Diving method in order to birth your true purpose and calling.

Day 2: How to Trust Yourself on a Subconscious Level

  • Learn through accountability and the steps of integration, bridging the conscious and subconscious mind, and build a natural and strong trust within yourself.

  • Learn what works for you and what doesn't, so that you can powerfully embody your truth, transform your trauma, and birth your purpose and calling.

  • Learn the best ways to work with your own energy, so that you can create a strong energetic platform to build up from and create a more intimate connection with yourself.

  • Learn to discover your own truth, and the secrets within you that aren't really secrets, like your natural gifts, talents, and inner power

Day 3: Your Step-By-Step

Action Plan

  • Learn my step-by-step formula to strategically plan, schedule and execute goals, milestones, and dream visions.

  • Learn how to become CEO of your personal and professional life.

  • Learn how to stay focused and leave your legacy in this lifetime.


Spiritual Practitioner, B.A., World-Renowned Spiritual Teacher

Studied Child Development, Psychology, and Philosophy.

Astrologically Certified

Reiki Master Certified

Samantha has developed the ability to intuitively pin point energetic tools for the individual client. Samantha has now been in this energy field for over 10 years, initially inspired by her son's portal birth on 11/11/11. 

Step into Samantha's energy field and allow her to show you ways to continuously succeed and still make time for yourself.

Her mission is to pass along her knowledge and Soul Wisdom to those feeling called, aligned, and ready for transformation.


Stop Surviving and Start Living. 


This 3-Day Challenge Is For You If...

  • You're ready to move beyond feeling confused and overwhelmed, so that you can powerfully develop your subconscious mind

  • You're looking to master the soulful and human experience that is YOU and make a difference in the world..

  • You're looking to create a strong spiritual foundation, trust yourself, and are willing to put in the hard work in order to transform your dreams into your reality.

  • You're tired of doing it alone, going round and round in circles and never actually reaching your definition of success.

  • You are ready to go to the next level of your spiritual development and success journey, and want to stop feeling envy of others as they grow themselves professionally and personally, without you having any idea how they're doing it.

  • You are looking to do your deep inner spiritual work, create a more unconditionally loving and intimate connection with yourself, so that you can claim your birthright inner power, and stop focussing on outer control.

This 3-Day Challenge Is NOT For You If...

You're more focused on comfort than actual growth and success, and think your current subconscious mindset, will get you the quantum leap you want.

You're looking for someone else to "fix" you and want to "get it over with" as fast as possible.

You're looking to get more information, but not willing to put in the hard work to actually implement it or take bold action.

You're not 100% committed to becoming the best version of yourself; your highest potential.

"Once We Accept Our Limits, We Go Beyond Them."                            ~Albert Einstein

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Learn my proven step-by-step METHODOLOGY to transforming your dreams into your reality, through the power of TRUST.

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No Matter Where You Are In This World, No Matter Who You Are In This World, You Are Important. Remember, You Didn't Come Into This Universe, You came Out Of It.

Client Results...

Women From The Universe
Inspire The World; Our World

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Ruqaya Kalla


Samantha is a very special soul and truly a talented astrologist. She has a genuine kind spirit and always gives her best. She has a special talent in intuitive coaching through astrology. She just seems to connect the right dots and has a very unique style. I love her beautiful spirit and highly recommend her services.

Rachelle Gillis


WOW! Sam has truly changed my life, she’s a complete miracle to me! I literally would recommend this beautiful angel to absolutely EVERYONE as she’s THAT amazing. Sam is FANTASTIC. I trust her with my entire life!!! I truly could go on and on! No words can ever describe the magic of her heart and soul. PLEASE do yourself the biggest favour of your life & have a reading with her, she’s so special, there are no words. It’s a MUST!!! Sam will change your life & unlock/answer any questions or uncertainty laying in your heart. She’ll uplift you & be direct at the same time. Everything will all of a sudden make sense like -aha, ding ding! All of it, sense of self, love, career, relationships, literally your whole life will make sense & she will give you that extra push of love, wisdom & encouragement (plus things you need to look out for to break a karmic cycle/be aware of moving forward). Having a reading with Sam is hands down the BEST thing you could EVER do for yourself! Sam is so wise & you truly feel divinity & light constantly flowing through her heart to you. Her energy & wisdom is so beautiful it blows me away. Everything she said resonated with me so deeply..

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Yassamin Fate


I had the most amazing natal chart reading with Samantha. I love getting my chart read, and have had it read multiple times in the past. Without a doubt, Samantha is the best reader yet, I have had the pleasure of discussing my chart with. She explained everything to me in a simple manner where I could completely understand, digest, and apply to my life. She confirmed many things I intuitively knew about myself, but I continued to doubt. After she gave me those confirmations, I felt empowered, confident, & excited to continue my path & journey. I got clarity on my purpose, and the future of my business! Grateful for Samantha and her beautiful approach to reading & translating the natal chart!

Tammy Thiang


Samantha provided a very structured reading experience. She opened with a presentation of recent astrological contexts as a frame before going into a breakdown of key features of my natal chart, covering the sun, moon, ascendant and Lilith aspects, all of which resonated with my observations of my journey and bore reflections of some of the experience that I have had through my life up to more current trends and changes. She was empathetic and affirming with what I had shared with her, and she also did her best to use analogies to make her explanations clearer. There were multiple checkpoints woven into the structure of the session at good pause points for me to clarify my understanding of what she said, to ask questions about what had piqued my curiosity in the process; I liked that she made time to check in with me--where the reading had brought me and to respond to that to help me understand the astrological expressions or implications. To end the session, she generously offered a card reading where her connectivity to the symbolism of the cards and finding the resonances with the astrological reading came through clearly.

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Ashley 'Chicago'



Where do I even begin?! Connecting with Samantha was pure divine timing. Her Natal chart reading and card pulls blew my mind away. She took her time & wow is a wealth of information. In a short 1.5 hours I learned SO MUCH from her. I now feel more confident in my path/purpose on earth in this lifetime & have gained so much clarity into my strengths and challenges. I seriously couldn't recommend her more. If you are seeking guidance of any kind and/or want to know more about your unique birth chart she is the earth mama to turn to. You have nothing to lose and every ounce of love and abundance to gain. Will 100% be working with her again. Much love and light. Namaste.

Lani Beale


I am so thankful to have come across Sam's presence online, it speaks so much of her energy and abilities. I was extremely impressed with her relation of knowledge, concise to be fully digestible. Not only is she organized and extremely intuitive and intelligent, but she also exudes such a positively radiant aura that relates her love and connection to all that is. She started the reading by first giving me a brief assessment of current energies and how they were working for us. We reviewed the basis of astrological charts—planets, degrees, and placements that would help best relate her insight to my understanding and experience allowing the specifics of my natal chart to fully be absorbed and appreciated. She was extremely encouraging, and even inspired a new, positive perception of challenges I would have the opportunity to overcome. We concluded our session with a tarot and oracle reading in which she displayed such a beautiful, STRONG connection with the Divine. It was an amazing reading with an extremely attuned, professional and personable, inspirational goddess. SOOO much gratitude to Samantha and the Universe for such a fulfilling gift! <3

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The Only Thing Standing Between You And Your Soulful Transformation Is Procrastination!

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This course is for educational use only.


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