Reiki Energy Shower

Activate High Vibrational Chakras and Clear the Cloudiness of Ancestral Wounds. Release the stress and exhaustion from every day life

120 Minutes

Release your stress through cleansing and by bringing your energy back into balance through a deeply penetrating healing and revitalizing process.


  • How to re-align and balance your energy in the moment and at your will, allowing distractions to fall away and strengthening the ability to maintain consistent focus on your goals

  • How to easily release annoyances, as well as correct and stop unhealthy energy cycles, so that you can quantum leap without hesitation and attain an unbreakable trust within yourself

  • The Art of Energy Movement -- Be in control and feel confident in flowing through the phases and transitions of life with ease

  • Healthy Boundary Codes and Planning Strategies used to create more time and space in your day to day life, ensuring time for yourself and those you love


A Private PDF Document Containing:

  • Overview of what was discussed during your session

  • Overview of what was found within your 17 chakras: Focuses, Action Steps, Internal and External Motivations, and the Identification of Specific Energetic Releases

  • Translation of your internal energy, further inspiring you, as well as encouraging you to think deeply about profound transformations you can make in your life

  • Guided Outline of Energetic techniques you can practice on your own, enhancing forward movement within your goals, desired life areas and you Qi (Life Force Energy)


  • Enjoy a tranquil state of BEing and allow your energy to illuminate and enhance your probability of success through the metaphysical

  • 100% personalized attention for your unique energetic needs in order to ensure you are progressing at your desired rate and growing in all areas of balance

  • Stress-relief and the recalibration of your Kundalini (a potent extension of your Qi (Life Force Energy)) to bring power and balance to your body, mind and soul

  • Embody your highest self during this time and become courageous, calm, and confident on a consistent basis


Price $650