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Intuitive Guidance


Our Intuitive Guidance Reading is great for those interested in progression and growth measurement. This may either be focused on a particular life area, subject matter, situation, set of circumstances, or simply a general, overall focus. 


Service Name

What's Included?
  • 60 Minute Session centered around talk and Tarot/Oracle cards
  • Next Steps of action
  • Follow-up email including data from our session such as: An Overview, Card Meanings, Focus Steps, as well as Metaphysical Practice Techniques (for when you're working on your own and feeling called to practice throughout your day)
  • Unconditional Love and Sacred Space Hosted
Progression and Growth Measurement
Progression and Growth Measurement is means to understand how quickly you are moving forward and towards your goal. Tarot and Oracle cards were once used as an ancient healing modality for mindset work and direction. They have also been used, and are more traditionally recognized as tools to "tell the future;" however, this is not how Vax uses Tarot and Oracle cards.
Vax has studied Tarot and Oracle for over eleven years, and even as a child growing up, she held an inner knowing that there was more out there than what met the eye. Vax believes that there is meaning behind everything, and the meaning behind each individual piece of energy is defined by previous knowledge  -- knowledge developed both from experience and prayer/energy connection to higher powers. 

This developed knowledge is activated and stimulated through the recognition of colors, numbers, patterns, elements, cycles, designs, depth, attachment, feelings, sense, thoughts, animals, nature, etc. Using the holistic tool of Tarot & Oracle cards, Vax is able to support you by tapping into your patterns of human behavior, as well as your desire for clarity in direction. Vax guides her clients through next steps, healthy energetic releases from the emotional body, and supports her clients through the relief of stress, through precise mindset work.
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