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Mindset Work is performed by Samantha Vax, THE High-Performance Lifestyle Mentor. I work strictly within the three-part mind: The Conscious, The Subconscious, and The Unconscious mind. The Conscious Mind is our thought processes and our human ego. The Subconscious Mind is our dream realm; it is connected to our pineal gland and plays a small role in our conscious decision making. Lastly, The Unconscious Mind is our animal instinct and our emotional reactions -- this part of the mind is the most deeply ingrained and holds many of our traumas and fears. Our goal with Mindset Work is to free these traumas and fears, big or small and allow new energy to grow, full of courage, respect, and worthiness. I help women who are highly motivated, improve their lifestyle by growing themselves and dissolving their comfort zone. I host accountability platforms and assist you in making sure your dreams come true through achieving wealth, worth and luxury in all areas of life. 

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