The Calmest I've Ever Been!

Updated: Sep 9

"I paint my own reality."

I can't believe in this timeline that I am over a quarter of a century years old. I have been for a little while now, or maybe even my entire life? BUT! This year feels different. When I was little, my mom used ask me every year, on my birthday, "Do you feel any different?" The answer 9/10 was, "Not really." This answer is, "Hell yes!"

This past year has been quite the ride, and every time I look back to reflect on my journey, I always discover something new about myself. Funny how we can only see our growth if we live in the past, by living in the present, and by being present enough that we live in our future. What is time anyway?

Here I go again. My brain is like lightening.

I feel so many different things within my being.

Let's come back down to Earth before my Pisces Saturn get's carried away!


This past year, I have experienced much, like us all. What fun, right? If I asked the majority of us, the answer might be something more like, "Well, yes...sometimes." At the beginning of this year, I was 40%/100% of where I wanted to be with myself, in terms of self-work. I was patient. I AM patient. I was loving. I AM loving. I was curious. I AM curious. I was healthy. I AM healthy. I loved myself. I LOVE myself.

I had to draw many hard boundary lines.

The scariest part was that my energetic attachment, emotionally, was so strong, it was hard to see if I was making the correct choice.

Then I remembered the definition of ABUSE.

Something that many of us, if not all of us, go through at one point or another in our lives.

ABUSE comes in many different colors and faces.








The list goes on really...but these here are the top contenders.

Unfortunate and a hard truth pill to swallow.

I wasn't going to fall into a category again.

Emotional, Financial, Identity ABUSE is what I left behind this time.

I said good-bye to that old friend EGO

Because I know that my soul is worth so much more than what I had then.

Now, I am 100%/100% and it's time to set a new self goal!

Here I go


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I fell in love--with TWO people!

  1. Myself

  2. My Partner

I could not be a happier woman. I am proud of the love connection my partner and I have.

It is healthy.

This is new for me.

He is THE best.

I'm not bias. Shhh!

My partner and I have a healthy relationship all around.

In every area of life?



We don't fight, we talk. Everything is a discussion; a dance, a lullaby to sleep.

Do you want me to go on?


It's not all pretty, BUT! What I will say is this...

It's not all pretty because if it was, that would mean we were all the same, and that's pretty creepy! And boring, am I right?

I'm not perfect.

No one is.

We feed off of being different. It's evolution. It's growth. It's progress!

AND it allows us an opportunity to learn.

Every day, I learn something new from myself and from my partner.

It was originally a must.

Now, it's a lifestyle.

What I do have on my side is commitment. Commitment to myself and my partner.

Love is REAL.

Love is LIFE.

Commit to what you want.

You can have it.

You just have to want it.

Build your inner belief system.

Build your inner value system.

What and whom you surround yourself with, is what you value yourself at.

If you don't like it, change it.

I love you.

You are loved and supported.