Tarot and Oracle Clarity

Focus on your higher purpose and life path, by understanding the movement and mirroring of energy.


Explore your own energies through mirrors and fresh perspectives. Discover the clarity and promise of your life purpose path by asking the curious questions, being open to receiving, and opening new doors to courage and bravery.


Tarot and Oracle Clarity provides clarity of vision, a deeper understand the the inner world, and focus points in order to achieve our goals. During these 60 minutes, we will work on releasing limiting beliefs, surrendering to the divine, and learn how to work with ourselves on an energetic level! Be supported and motivated in your goals and living your dream life. Through powerful forces and magnified intuition, you receive a potent energy exchange, strengthening the relationship you hold with yourself. 

Tarot and Oracle Clarity!

Price $150

Reiki Energy Shower

Release toxins and cleanse your soul.
Learn how to work with yourself.


This is a sacred place to open up your energetic channels and connect with your divine, spiritual soul. 

Reiki Energy Shower-- connect to your energy on a whole, new level. During these 90 minutes, we will discuss your strongest desires, blocks or challenges, and any physical body aches and pains! Disconnecting from technology, society rules, and annoyances, I take you deep into the healing process of the beyond--a world of pure bliss and tranquility. Take the next step in your healing and re-balancing, and cleanse yourself --7 Chakra Alignment, Energy Channels, Connection to the Universe/Spirit, and learning to work with yourself.

Reiki Energy Shower!

Price $250

Reiki Bubble Bath

Activate High Vibrational Chakras and Clear the Cloudiness of Ancestral Wounds


This is a sacred place to open up energetic channels you probably didn't know you had!

Reiki Bubble Bath-- open up your energetic channels like never before. During these 180 minutes, we will discuss your fears, your desires, your dreams, your mindset, and your soul energy! Feel yourself step into the energy of a high vibrational protection shield. You'll never want to leave, and you won't have to! Did you know that we have more than 7 chakras? Are you still repeating karmic cycles you thought you'd finished? Do you feel stuck in a loop? Chances are, you have never had all of your chakras properly cleansed. I guide your energy, deeply looking into your subconscious through an ancient healing process. Experience Serene Divination and your true energetic being. Take the next step in your release and let go process, and clear ancestral energy as well as current life blockages -17 -Chakra Alignment, Energy Channels, Connection to the Universe/Spirit, Connection to the Beyond Worlds, and Rejuvenating Your Life Experience.

Reiki Bubble Bath!

Price $750


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