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Reiki Healing


Reiki Healing is performed by Samantha Vax, THE High-Performance Lifestyle Mentor. I specialize in working within the main seventeen chakras listed: Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Palms, Spleen, Heart, Higher Heart, Throat, Past Life, Alta Major, Third Eye, Soma, Crown, Causal Vortex, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway. Each chakra represents an area of your life, such as creativity, love, stability, awareness, and so on. We discuss these meanings within our session as well as discussing what it is you desire to grow, improve, and release. Our goal with Reiki Healing is to maximize your energy. We do this by cleansing each chakra and continuously release, maintaining a healthy body environment for success, prosperity, and worthiness. I help women who are highly motivated, improve their lifestyle by growing themselves and dissolving their comfort zone. I host accountability platforms and assist you in making sure your dreams come true through achieving wealth, worth and luxury in all areas of life. 

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