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Sugar & Spice


Our Sugar & Spice Romantic Workshop is a great introduction for those new to metaphysical work and for those looking to relieve themselves, their romantic relationship, and their partner of stress immediately.



Service Name

What's Included?
Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Love Life. Spice things up with depth and excitement, freedom and stability.

The purpose of Samantha’s Romantic Couples Workshop is to help you create a more easeful lifestyle through powerfully rejuvenating your relationship with your partner and implementing strength and health into your entire life. This workshop is meant to empower you and help you redefine love through helpful tools, supportive strategies, and calming techniques. Create more joy and bliss in your daily life, celebrate successes, and familiarize yourself with the power that is YOU. Choose a workshop that lasts!

Partner Together,

Build An Empire Together.

During your Couples Workshop With Samantha..
You’ll spend this time flowing into a luxurious relaxation, and meditative state. Slowly quieting your mind, grounding your energy, and working with the power centers of your mind, you and your partner begin your healing journey together. This healing process is deeply focused on clarity and strength, creating a healthy foundation for growth and expansion immediately. These benefits are long-lasting.
  • Understand, Use, & Manage Your Emotions
  • Overcome Challenges
  • Defuse Conflict
  • Effective Communication Tools
  • Elevated Empathizing & Perception Strategies
  • Metaphysical Practice Techniques (for when you're working on your own,with your partner, and feeling called to practice throughout your day)
  • Unconditional Love and Sacred Space Hosted
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