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Working With Us Year Round:

The first month of your retainer sets the tone through re-enforced mindset work, more closely examining the roots of your dis-ease and discomfort. This is beneficial, as intaking more information than we implement is the number one cause of stress. 


This is why Samantha walks you through meditative healing, breath work, and tranquility questions to support you in discovering your power and fully stepping into your worthiness. This delectable mindset work is paired with a yummy Reiki session, infusing your metaphysical body with strength, and gifting your physical body relief. Reiki's soul (sole) purpose is to relieve you of any lingering body tension and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with nourishing power specific to your energetic needs. What feels good for you?

Introductory Annual Retainer:

Our Introductory Annual Retainer is great for those looking for consistent support and quick check-ins at your leisure.

What's Included?

  • Four FREE Sessions: 3 Subconscious Dives (Mindset Work) and 1 Reiki Energy Shower (Reiki)

  • Unlimited Calls

Add-On Annual Retainer:

Our Add-On Annual Retainer is great for those looking for consistent support and formal one-on-one sessions at your leisure.

What's Included?

  • Four FREE Sessions: 3 Subconscious Dives (Mindset Work) and 1 Reiki Energy Shower (Reiki)

  • Unlimited Calls

  • 50% OFF all services (does not include exclusive services offered through private programs such as The High-Vibe, The Power-Vibe, The Luxury-Vibe, and The Divine-Vibe)

What is the Snowball Effect?

The Snowball Effect is what I have coined the very natural direction and course our mind tends to move in when we have yet to make a decision on a question we are asking ourselves. When too many questions occur and go unanswered, stress is birthed. Stress can be easily thought of as: 'Thoughts without conclusions'. Overwhelm, is the build up of many stressors at one time. And anxiety is the feeling of 'not enough' -- time, ability, worth, or anything for that matter. Thus leading to burnout and depression, and at the very least, dissatisfaction; a desire for more.

Why Are Samantha Vax's Retainers Sworn By Her Clients To Be VITAL?

"It's the perfect pace, MINE!" -- Elaina D.


Clients swear by Vax's retainers because her approach is both hands on, yet flexible. Vax begins every client phone call and session by first checking in with her clients to see what is most heavily on their heart and mind. Whether this be an exciting celebration moment or support in shifting a challenge experience, Samantha understands. This is why she has designed an offer that works for everyone, hosting structure and allowing her clients the creative freedom to choose what feels aligned with them without getting lost or stuck. 


Tired of scheduling yet another thing? Now, you don't have to! Vax's retainers provide flexible flow and scheduling -- as needed -- stress free. Call Samantha at your leisure -- when YOU have the time!


Have a few days off in the middle of the year? Ready to sit down and get focused, motivating and inspiring you for your next phase of thriving? Great! Samantha will be there every step of the way to ensure you choose the session right for you and receive the benefits you so deserve. Clients say, despite being a bit unconventional, or rather unique, Vax's methodology does allow the consistency necessary for progress tracking and growth measurement. Each client is unique and Vax knows this. It's why she tailors each meet and greet, check-in, and formal session to YOU.


Your choice. Your power. Your story. 

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Samantha E. Vax

Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Tel: 808-464-1038

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