Subconscious Diving

Discover the root cause of your stress.
Release this tension through a deeper understanding of self, as well as a greater understanding for the way your body responds to outside energy.

60 Minutes

Shifting within the mind, creating the perfect space to be powerfully open



  • The most important questions to ask yourself as you activate perception shifting

  • How to identify patterns and cycles causing blocks on your abundance and opportunity well

  • The art of creating fun, relaxing and dependable steps and routines to achieve more in a day, fast track your goals and reach your future

  • Meditation and breath work techniques use to create energetic and mindset strategies that work EVERY time (in under 5 minutes a day)



A Private PDF Document Containing:

  • Overview of what was discussed during our session

  • Reflection questions personalized to your unique energy

  • Life areas, next steps, and emotions to further explore and focus on

  • Energetic techniques you can practice on your own, enhancing forward movement within your goals and your Qi (Life Force Energy)


  • Gain support and connection through encouraging intentions, commitment, and action

  • Three Words: Dependability, Reliability, Accountability

  • Quiet time and sacred energetic space to be fully vulnerable, heal and move forward in power

  • Stress-relief and the recalibration of your Qi (Life Force Energy) to bring relaxation to your body, mind, and soul

Price $500