Subconscious Dive

Focus on your higher purpose and life path, by understanding the movement and mirroring of energy.


Explore your own energies through mirrors and fresh perspectives. Discover the clarity and promise of your life purpose path by asking the curious questions, being open to receiving, and opening new doors to courage and bravery.


Tarot and Oracle Clarity provides clarity of vision, a deeper understanding of the inner world, and focus points in order to achieve our goals. During these 60 minutes, we will work on releasing limiting beliefs, surrendering to the divine, and learn how to work with ourselves on an energetic level! Be supported and motivated in your goals and living your dream life. Through powerful forces and magnified intuition, you receive a potent energy exchange, strengthening the relationship you hold with yourself. 

Tarot and Oracle Clarity!


-Subconscious Dive

-Follow-Up Email

-Summary of What We Discussed in Our Session

+ Focus Notes and Next Steps

-Suggested Energetic Activities


-Gain and Obtain a Healthy, Clear Vision Of Your Path To Success

-Organize Next Steps in Your Journey

-Address and Acknowledge Trauma and Blocks That Are Holding You Back From Your Highest Potential

-Learn To Practice Personalized Energetic Activities That Will Help Recalibrate Energy Within The Body

+Transform Energy Within The Subconscious Mind

-Begin The Subconscious To Conscious Integration Process

Price $500