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Praise For Samantha

Write your testimonial! Share about your experience with Samantha Vax and how she helped you transform your lifestyle.

Jocelyn Macdonald

Sam! I don’t even know where to begin! I feel so blessed to have met Sam! She’s helped me grow, learn and create so much space in the last 6+ months! I came across Sam on Instagram and started to follow her posts and tune into her live videos. The first live I was at I felt so much positive energy, she did a generalized reading for all the signs and holy moly….after hearing all of her knowledge and gratitude I knew I wanted to work with her. I didn’t jump on right away but after talking with Sam a few times, giving me guidance and positive loving time with no pressure from her at all. As time went on I felt a really big pull to connect with Sam and work with her. Best decision ever! After some life experiences that we’re very unforeseen she guided me and helped me find answers and different perspectives! Sam is so kind, understanding, flexible, knowledgeable and wise. Thank you Sam! Highly recommended ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Tanya Kuchel

Sam is such a blessing! I started off with one session with Sam and in that session she helped me start to recover from a painful incident in my life. I have since been on amazing learning journeys with Sam where I have learnt more about myself in the last 2 months than I have in over 10 years of working with healers and psychologists. Sam i sable to help yo see things from different perspectives. She helps you unravel questions. Sam does not judge, she encourages you to be ourself and in doing so helps you unlock so many wonderful insights that helps you open up to your full potential. I cannot recommend Sam enough. .

Diana Villegas

I am truly honored that I get to work with Samantha and her energy and gifts. I have grown tremendously and have received more than I expected. I absolutely love her reiki session with detailed notes and her subconscious dives. Sometimes I wouldn’t know how to express what exactly I am going through but she got me right away. She is truly talented. I felt like two of her sessions were about a year of therapy. I got to understand myself a lot better and she gave me practical tool to continue to understand myself and my needs. I totally recommend her services and I am so happy that I found her.

Hannah Reed

I feel so blessed to have Samantha in my life. I was absolutely divinely guided to this caring and nurturing person during a time in my life when i was really struggling. I had lost touch with my sprituallity, and when i made the decision to dedicate myself to my spiritual journey again the universe gifted me a teacher. Since working with Samantha i have seen many improvements in my life, and everyday i am more confident in myself. Once i commited myself and my energy into the lessons laid out for me, i felt a major shift in my life. You can change your life, and you can defenitly have the life you see for yourself. We have the power to change our reality, and sometimes you just need a coach to guide you in the right direction. Thank you!

Cynthia Louis

If you are looking for a devoted and really caring healer Samantha is the right fit for you :) I've known her for a long time and she has such an amazing vibe and she is really understanding :) I booked a subconscious tarot and oracle dive and it was truly enlightening and a wonderful healing experience :) Next I would love to do a Reiki Bubble Bath and a Dive into past lives and if there is one person I would go on that journey with it's Samantha 💜

Joe Skandalaris

Sam is very detailed and passionate with her work. I have done reiki and tarot readings with her and have never been disappointed. My reiki session was especially amazing. I’d never had the treatment before and I couldn’t have been more surprised with what happened. I felt very powerful forces at work during the alignment, I was totally caught off guard. She followed up immediately with a comprehensive spread sheet which provided direction and a clear path forward for personal growth. If you’re feeling stuck and have any apprehension about trying this out as a means to become unstuck, give it a try. Her skill is immediately apparent. Thanks Sam!

Judy Cruces

Working with Samantha has been a wonderful journey. She is a loving and talented astrologist who is passionate in her work. Since 2018 her services, guidance and support has not only helped me become more in tune with my spirituality, but has brought fulfillment and growth into my life. She is detail-oriented in all her services and delivers information clearly. Tarot readings, Natal charts, Reiki session, Spiritual coaching; she does it all! My last reiki session was insightful and healing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for clarity and alignment. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with a gifted soul. Thank you!

Abbey Hill

I went into the reading with some nerves and anxieties but immediately Samantha put my mind and heart at ease with her gentle and genuine approach. She is incredibly knowledgeable and you, without a doubt, will leave the experience with so much insight and clarity of who you are at your deepest levels. Samantha, you are absolutely remarkable and you are changing the world one reading at a time! Thank you so much, I highly and warmly recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Judy Cruces

Working with Samantha has been a wonderful journey. Through her work she has helped me become more in tune with my spirituality, fulfillment grow into a more . When I first worked with Samantha I had in a challenging time and needed not only guidance but a great deal of support.

Chelsea Curtis

2020 has been time of intense change and upheaval for all of us. There isn't a person alive who wouldn't benefit from coaching in some capacity. The measurement for growth this year lies in your capability to ask for help. When I first started talking to Sam I was a little lost and stick in my spiritual journey, grappling with doubt, imposter syndrome, and the fear of releasing control (though I hadn't identified it as such). Sam challenged me to see things from a new healing perspective that allowed me to start moving forward. She relentlessly answered my questions and supported me while I found answers independently as well. I feel more connected to spirit, more in love with myself, and more accepting of my powder than I ever have and I am infinantly grateful for Sam's aid in this leg of my journey! Do yourself a favor and ask for help.

Ruqaya Kalla

Samantha is a very special soul and truly a talented astrologist. She has a genuine kind spirit and always gives her best. She has a special talent in intuitive coaching through astrology. She just seems to connect the right dots and has a very unique style. I love her beautiful spirit and highly recommend her services.

Kristen Dorion

Learning about my natal chart with Sam has been transformational for me. I learned so much about myself that I didn't even realized. I have been able to uncover blocks that have been holding me back in my business. And understand why I am the way I am. It allows me to be more accepting of myself which has opened gates to my highest potential even more. I love how sweet and genuine Sam is. She shows how much she cares for you and wants to empower you to see the potential within you. It is so cool to know that so much information is in the starts and we can choose to do whatever we desire in our life <3 Thanks for opening my heart to the astrology world!

Katie Baker

This was my first reading. I’ve dabbled in different understandings of astrology but I felt a huge calling to dive deeper into the spiritual. I could not be happier that Samantha came into my life. The understanding she has helped my obtain is invaluable. The ability to understand the world from my perspectives felt so healing and to be seen was amazing. As a busy mom it can be so hard to make the time for yourself but I would highly suggest getting a reading with Samantha. She is knowledgeable and opened my mind to the scientific connections of the universe. This may very well be one of the greatest experiences to come out of 2020. If you are considering a reading- do it now this is definitely a no regrets extremely beneficial and enlightening experience. Thankyou again Samantha you are an absolutely gem


This was my first experience of any Natal Chart and Tarot reading and it was more educated than a mere reading. Samantha is approachable and explain things in a clear manner with great examples from everyday life. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through Samantha’s thoughtful explanation.


Samantha made my natal chart reading so approachable, and made me feel at ease during the whole thing. She verified so many things I know about myself but didn’t understand the “why” behind them all! At the end I totally left with a feeling of “somebody GETS me!” It was a great experience— thanks Samantha!!


Samantha is such a loving soul. The natal chart reading i had was so confirming in things that I've experienced in my life. She's also very knowledgeable about her craft. She's patient and kind. I would recommend her services to anyone who really wants to know about themselves and progresson as a soul. Thank you dear, love and light. Keshia

Mandy Schut

Samantha is one of the most-detailed astrologists I have ever met. During our time together, she made me feel at ease and flowed with my energy beautifully. I could tell she was truly tapped in and saw her inner sage come out. Whether you have been into astrology for a long time already or are new to it, Samantha reads into your energy super well so she knows how to communicate with you. We honestly could have chatted for hours. She is incredible! If you are on the fence, just take the leap and book a session with her. You won’t regret, I promise.

Georgiana Craciun

if you deal with : LACK OF SELF ESTEEM and FEEL LIKE YOU DON T KNOW WHO YOU ARE JUST HAVE A CHAT WITH SAMANTHA ! OH MY GOD ! What a blessing Samantha is. IF you come across her or her page that means you are meant to have a reading with her. You must Must MUST .. do it , this woman's energy is so strong that she pulls the people needing her in her life as if she is your messenger. NEVER have I ever thought you can connect to someone that lives 13h away from me. From the First HI you feel like a channel connects you directly and she just goes and touches your heart. I wish I wish I had her when I was in my 20's it would have saved me of so much pain . You want her as your guide , if you Struggle with SELF LOVE , SELF SABOTAGE with SELF ESTEEM first have a chat with her then you will just know where you are heading. I am over the moon and I just feel that all the things I used to hate and think are so ugly about me are things not in my power to control and it just feel like a weight just got lifted of my shoulders. Is such a relief and now instead of crying over what I am not good at , i focus on what I do best . That is Self LOVE not a bath and champagne! I love you soo much

Amanda Alexis

My best friend happened to share a post of Sam’s with me one day and if I didn’t believe divine timing was a thing (admittedly I’m pretty skeptical sometimes), I sure as heck do now!! I reached out to her for a reading which blew my mind, gave me so much insight, and confirmed/validated everything that has happened and how I’m feeling right now! She is so positive and warm which made me instantly feel comfortable to open up to her. I can’t recommend Sam enough. If you’re on the fence about wether or not you want/need a chat reading, just jump in head first. You absolutely won’t regret it!! I couldn’t believe how in depth we got yet only scratched the surface of what’s there. I loved how Sam broke everything down and then checked in to see if I understand or had questions. Which honestly I didn’t have many questions because of how thorough she is! This reading brought me so much clarity and I can’t thank her enough! I even got the option of a tarot card pull at the end which basically screamed at me how well everything was coming together. It was such a wonderful experience. HIGHLY suggest.


Where do I begin?? I will start with coming across Sam on IG was ABSOLUTELY divine timing.This was probably the BEST reading of my life and I look forward to working with her in the future. Sam dove deep into my Sun, Moon, Ascending and Lilith placements and explained each in great detail. Sam would periodically have "check points" at which time she would confirm my understanding and answer any questions I may have. Unbeknownst to her I am a survivor of a TBI so I struggle with short term memory and comprehension at times and I am often afraid to share this with people in fear of being treated differently. I use this same sort of practice in my life daily I just don't refer to them as "check points" Her level of patience and attention to detail is truly a divine gift. Sam's spirit is very graceful and I absolutely felt connected to her energy. This reading not only resonated with me but confirmed so much of where I am in life at the present. As a bonus at the end if the reading Sam pulled cards which only affirmed her reading even more!! I can not thank her enough for her time and energy and look forward to working with her in the future. I am forever grateful!!

Rachelle Gillis

WOW! Sam has truly changed my life, she’s a complete miracle to me! I literally would recommend this beautiful angel to absolutely EVERYONE as she’s THAT amazing. Sam is FANTASTIC. I trust her with my entire life!!! I truly could go on and on! No words can ever describe the magic of her heart and soul. PLEASE do yourself the biggest favour of your life & have a reading with her, she’s so special, there are no words. It’s a MUST!!! Sam will change your life & unlock/answer any questions or uncertainty laying in your heart. She’ll uplift you & be direct at the same time. Everything will all of a sudden make sense like -aha, ding ding! All of it, sense of self, love, career, relationships, literally your whole life will make sense & she will give you that extra push of love, wisdom & encouragement (plus things you need to look out for to break a karmic cycle/be aware of moving forward). Having a reading with Sam is hands down the BEST thing you could EVER do for yourself! Sam is so wise & you truly feel divinity & light constantly flowing through her heart to you. Her energy & wisdom is so beautiful it blows me away. Everything she said resonated with me so deeply. I kept saying, Y

Gabriela Plazola

After having my chart read, My mind has been blown away! I had a few questions as far as the transition phase that my life is in and Samantha gave me confirmation for every doubt I was having. She went so into detail on my chart but was able to explain everything to me in ways that I would understand (being newly in touch with my spiritual side) I could not believe how without even having asked me anything, she hit personal points on my life thatI had never shared with anyone. I am so grateful I came across her, she read my cards for the next year in my life and I can not wait until I am able to come back to her to confirm those cards as well.

Yassamin Fate

I had the most amazing natal chart reading with Samantha. I love getting my chart read, and have had it read multiple times in the past. Without a doubt, Samantha is the best reader yet I have had the pleasure of discussing my chart with. She explained everything to me in a simple manner where I could completely understand, digest, and apply to my life. She confirmed many things I intuitively knew about myself, but I continued to doubt. After she gave me those confirmations, I felt empowered, confident, & excited to continue my path & journey. I got clarity on my purpose, and the future of my business! Grateful for Samantha and her beautiful approach to reading & translating the natal chart!


Samantha provides an in-depth look at current events and how the planets associate with our lives. I was blown away at the amount of detail she put into my reading! She broke down world events, dove into my chart, and taught me the importance of the degrees. I just started learning about astrology and learning about the degrees has been on my mind. She was certainly tapped in and tuned in to my energy and source. As she answered so many questions without me having to ask her! At the end of the reading she pulled some cards and it gave me chills as they tied into everything we had discussed. If you are looking for someone who is detailed, gracious, informative, kind, direct, tapped in and tuned in.. you will not be disappointed in booking with Samantha. The very fact you are here right now reading this is significant. Light and love! 💗

Tammy Thiang

Samantha provided a very structured reading experience. She opened with a presentation of recent astrological contexts as a frame before going into a breakdown of key features of my natal chart, covering the sun, moon, ascendant and Lilith aspects, all of which resonated with my observations of my journey and bore reflections of some of the experience that I have had through my life up to more current trends and changes. She was empathetic and affirming with what I had shared with her, and she also did her best to use analogies to make her explanations clearer. There were multiple checkpoints woven into the structure of the session at good pause points for me to clarify my understanding of what she said, to ask questions about what had piqued my curiosity in the process; I liked that she made time to check in with where the reading had brought me and to respond to that to help me understand the astrological expressions or implications. To end the session, she generously offered a card reading where her connectivity to the symbolism of the cards and finding the resonances with the astrological reading came through clearly.

Tan Yi Hui

I had zero knowledge about astrology yet Samantha made it so clear and simple to me on what my natal chart reading is about. Those readings really resonated with me and it made me understand more about myself. She gave many illustrations and had checkpoints after every point for me to share my thoughts and to ask questions. After the session, I felt more assured with whatever decisions im making in life and what I need to do to better myself so that I could really live out my purpose in life! Thank you Samantha for your time and your positive energy! Im truly grateful for this opportunity to have a session with you! :)

Catherine Drysdale

My session with Samantha was absolutely incredible. This was by far the most in-depth birth chart astrology reading I’ve ever had. We talked at length about what’s going on in the collective, as well as with all my own personal placements within my birth chart. It was amazing to get the validation of how I’ve been feeling from what my chart was showing. I’m super into astrology, use co-star and the pattern apps religiously, however I’m still new to understanding what all the different placements mean. I had never even heard of Lilith until she shared the importance of the Lilith placement within my chart. I didn’t put the pieces together before our call or see how this related to my chart. She also did a tarot and oracle card reading for me on business and relationship opportunities. It actually made me super emotional knowing that I’m on the brink of another breakthrough to my next level. It’s comforting to know that all the work I’ve done thus far has led me to this moment, and everything is coming together for meI would 10000% recommend working with her. She’s truly a light and has such an amazing gift.

Nicole Villani’

I had my birth chart read with a tarot card reading depicting the next 12 months and it was such a wonderful experience. Samantha is a wealth of knowledge with a deep deep understanding of astrology and how it plays into our every day lives. It helped me understand so many aspects of self - the way I communicate with others, and myself, how I present in the world, the challenges I’ve faced, themes that come up. This session helped connect so many dots in regards to validating my path + purpose, to how I relate in romantic relationships. If you’re curious to learn about self from a deeper perspective I highly suggest working with Samantha.

Kimbirdlee Eleven

The Earth Mother educated me in astrological influences & how to decipher major aspects. Explained tarot cards; symbols, colors, figures, & accumulative art. In my lifetime, I've encompassed that as DEEP AS we are so is the UNIVERSE; &, as DEEP as the Universe so ARE WE. Energy as one! I've always felt connected to everything & need to profoundly be. Samantha gave me understanding as to how my personal astro-design(natal chart) reflects everything about me, & suddenly everything made so much more sense. I know now how to reconsider & overcome hardships, & areas that have been faulty in my life. Tarot revealed info exactly correlated to major confusions/questions I've had. W/ the natal & tarot readings, & Samantha's openness to share advice & concern; I definitely feel more secure in balancing & making grave decisions. Validated, educated, & guided. Samantha has a radiant aura! Empathetic view & understanding of personal circumstances & astrological tendencies. Personable & friendly, paired w/ impartial assertiveness. I was fortunate to have been able to resonate w/ her divine being. I highly reccomend The Earth Mother, as a step towards enlightenment of ones life journey. Namaste!

Fatim gahaz

I had a great experience with Samantha, she is so talented. All what she said was true. I will definitely book again a session with here. Thank u for the help Samantha

Jennifer Irene

Samantha did a chart reading along with a tarot card pull and was absolutely incredible. When she went through my chart she was very thorough in how she explained everything. Her descriptions were incredible along with her detailed descriptions of the degrees in which certain signs were in. She talked about the eclipses and the intense energy we have going on at this moment. She then did a tarot pull for me which was very detailed and powerful. Samantha is amazing and has a beautiful gift. Her energy is incredible and I literally could feel our encounter through the phone. If you’re thinking about getting your chart read I highly recommend Samantha. I have done my chart many times and had it read by a few different people. But the way Samantha reads and explains is above and beyond! She goes that extra step. Samantha thank you again for our chat today and taking the time and energy to speak with me. You were a pure light and gift to me today! So thank you again.

Deshondra Wimley

I highly recommend a reading with Samantha! She was so knowledgeable about both the current planetary alignments and how it relates to my chart. She helped me to truly decode the energies and gateways coming up, so I could stay on my highest timeline. She was also very patient, considerate, and well studied. I’ll definitely be back for more insight 💜💜💜💜. -DeeDee

Cathal O'Neill

Awesome and most enjoyable reading with Samantha. She has a wonderful gift for seeing the energies and expressing how they may play out. The reading certainly helped piece together both present and past experiences and has given me clarity for the road ahead. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her. Go raibh míle maith agat (a thousand thank you's). Cathal

Ezekiel Wong

Wow... Thank you Samantha 🙏 I happen to stumble across your page and decided to take a chance, cause why not? There's no harm. But even while being on opposite end of the world, her kind, divine and genuine and light energy was being felt. I still remember when she first begin the session her readings was so spot on and accurate it's like hitting a nail into your head :X Samantha has also helped me understand overall energy and phenomenon we are experiencing collectively and why its happening. Beyond that, she helped me understand my behavior and thought patterns from the Astrological perspective, one I havent had the chance to explore nor understand until today. She even threw in a free tarot card reading session at the end and the results from the reading further reassured me that Im on the right path and that I am doing the necessary work needed to be connected with my true divine self. Thank you once again Samantha, for doing what you do and I pray you are able to continue spreading Love and Light, your energy is truely infectious. Namaste. 🥰🙏

Jessica Dill

My natal chart reading with Samantha was fantastic. She has a very strong knowledge of astrology and explained things in ways I haven’t heard before. Her explanations were unique but made so much sense and were very accurate. She has a great way of fitting all of the pieces together for you. During our card reading she was definitely well connected and very spot on as well. Her energy is very positive and comforting which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend her.

Ashley 'Chicago' O'Shaughnessy

Where do I even begin?! Connecting with Samantha was pure divine timing. Her Natal chart reading and card pulls blew my mind away. She took her time & wow is a wealth of information. In a short 1.5 hours I learned SO MUCH from her. I now feel more confident in my path/purpose on earth in this lifetime & have gained so much clarity into my strengths and challenges. I seriously couldn't recommend her more. If you are seeking guidance of any kind and/or want to know more about your unique birth chart she is the earth mama to turn to. You have nothing to lose and every ounce of love and abundance to gain. Will 100% be working with her again. Much love and light. Namaste.

Amy Rivera

Samantha did an amazing ready. I am truly thankful for her gifts and abilities to help others. Her knowledge on degrees and zodiacs is very spot on. Most importantly the insight on Lilith was incredible and something valuable that I will pay attention to in my life. I am not sure how else to thank her but by recommending her. I feel pleased of being able to work with her. Forever thankful for her spirit. Blessings.

Lani Beale

I am so thankful to have come across Sam's presence online, it speaks so much of her energy and abilities. I was extremely impressed with her relation of knowledge, concise to be fully digestible. Not only is she organized and extremely intuitive and intelligent, but she also exudes such a positively radiant aura that relates her love and connection to all that is. She started the reading by first giving me a brief assessment of current energies and how they were working for us. We reviewed the basis of astrological charts—planets, degrees, and placements that would help best relate her insight to my understanding and experience allowing the specifics of my natal chart to fully be absorbed and appreciated. She was extremely encouraging, and even inspired a new, positive perception of challenges I would have the opportunity to overcome. We concluded our session with a tarot and oracle reading in which she displayed such a beautiful, STRONG connection with the Divine. It was an amazing reading with an extremely attuned, professional and personable, inspirational goddess. SOOO much gratitude to Samantha and the Universe for such a fulfilling gift! <3

Erich Huffaker

Sam is a tremendous seer! I had a reading with her, and it went super well. I learned so much about my natal astrology chart. She offered a ton of valuable information, insight into my personal situation, and just full-blown support. I felt heard, seen and valued by her. She offered a very in-depth reading as well, explaining lots of heavy astrological concepts and breaking them down in terms that I could understand. She was tremendously professional, and great with follow-up as well. I would recommend her 111%!

Nicole Holguin

Sam has a great personality and made me feel very comfortable.I felt like I already knew Sam from a past life.Sam is very intuitive and explained my astrology chart and tarot cards to me and she was on point and she knew things about me nobody knows..Sam is phenomenal and I highly recommend her.Sam has a calming spirit and aura and great energy.Everything she said to me came from a place of love.I am very grateful for our connection we shared.I look forward to my next reading with Sam she’s amazing.Much love and gratitude Sam ♥️😊🙏

Jaden Oasis

I'm very grateful to Samantha Vax for her comprehensive astrology reading. She described the personality traits I have in relation to each of the planets, and then sent me a guidebook that described my natal chart. The guidebook also shows which crystals are most in harmony with my sun, moon and rising signs. Samantha is very knowledgable, friendly and intuitive. I highly recommend her if you are interested in a reading, hypnosis, or any kind of intuitive consulting!

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