When I was a small child, I began to experience spiritual 

encounters, which consumed my mind and fostered a 

creative space of wonder and intense curiosity. Why was I suddenly able to hear whispers and see shadow figures, at age nine? Why could I feel energy and vibrations as if I were experiencing physical touch? Why when I laid in bed, at night, did my body feel light and as if it were floating? Why me and why now? I became accustomed to this new found super power and highlighted sense, my aura if you will. Unknowingly, I trained myself to lucid dream, and eventually astral travel (astral project).

My visions enhanced and depended as I began to experience, what I now believe to be, past life regressions; images in my head, slide shows of who I knew was me and what felt like me, but didn't look like me. Swirls of information and flashing pictures racing through my mind. Experiences of deja vu and messages sent to me in my dreams. Mirrored numbers and repetitive words reoccurring everywhere I looked. I was in-touch. I am in-touch. 


I questioned and debated the intense force and instant pull towards objects, people, and situations. I felt drawn to other's emotions. This is when I realized I was, and am, empathic. Many of us are. I am an empathic-intuitive. This is part of why I am here - to provide the tools and support wanted and necessary, in order for any individual to fully "tap in." The other 'part' of why I am here, is to learn. To learn from my friends, family, and self-healers; YOU. Every day, I am supported in life, and nurtured and grown. I want the same and nothing less for every human and soul being within existance.

I began to feel my emotions more intensely, and became aware of my effect on others, their effect on me, and how I responded or reacted to these persons and instances. See, a reaction is purely ego based, while a response has been processed and well thought out. I studied myself and still do. It is important to reflect on our own behavior and to comprehend the reasoning behind our decision making. My journey has been beautiful - not all parts easy or clear, but once I found my inner me, tapping deeply into my subconscious, I found my sense of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-motivation; to continue to be a better version of who I was the day before.


What are your patterns? I am here to support you on your journey. You matter. You are important.

The Earth Mother's Story
Samantha E. Vax
Mother, School Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Lifetime Learner
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The first time I received a tarot card reading, it was as if all of my thoughts and feelings had been understood within minutes by someone other than myself. It was a beautiful experience. This was the moment I decided to get serious about life and what that word meant. I went full force into my spirituality, continuously learning all that I can. I have been studying and practicing my spirituality for the past eight years of my life.
After being immersed in that spiritual experience, I began to study all types of codes, cards, numbers, words, letters, elements, symbolic meanings, the form of symbols themselves, molecules, healing techniques, astrology, time, and the law of attraction. These are a few select studies I've began. I say began, because we're never really done learning. If you think you know everything there is to know, well...I might just suggest you take a reflection period.
Truth be told, there is no one person in this world who holds infinite knowledge. Our person is our vessel. Take away the vessel and we have a soul being; a spirit. Each one of our spirits' is not only a mirror of the other and ourselves, but simply a key to unlocking all other aspects of ourselves. We can help support others in unlocking parts of themselves, and by performing those acts, we then unlock bits and pieces of ourselves. This is a trickle down affect. This is what is known as the Law of Attraction.
See...there is no time. Time is a human construct, and what this means is is that we as humans are able to time travel. That is exactly right - you did read that last sentence correctly. When we align the water molecules in our body with the energy, we then become the energy. This is why water is so purifying and beneficial on all ends. When we reflect on the past or are triggered by events, what is happening is that we are aligning with the past energy. It's very similar to when you hear people use the phrase, "Don't get stuck in the past." True statement. 100 percent. If we allow ourselves that reflection period, and become too enveloped and engulfed in the energy, it is possible to then become stuck. This is what I call a constricted mind, opposite the free mind. The same holds true when desiring or wanting or wishing something. You are aligning with future energy. Why not just become the energy? When you align with the energy you strive for, when you become that energy, you then become the you you wish to be. The you that is you. Become the time.
Uncovering The Raw Me
The Light Within Me
Recently, I had an extremely purified energy driven Reiki session. When I say it was out of this world, I mean it. During this Reiki session I experienced feelings, visions, and thoughts I had never before experienced. Every time I participate in a healing session, I believe I am enlightened afterward. I never knew consciously, the amount of levels a soul could reach in one lifetime.
I was aware of the five levels one human being could possibly experience in a lifetime; however, was unaware of the feeling and conscious level of being one could experience while still living and cohabitating in the 3D realm. I will forever be grateful for this particular Reiki experience. I am truly blessed and I wish to share similar experiences with all of you. 
This experience was so phenomenal. What this Reiki session allowed my body mind and soul to do, was and is, continue to elevate by expanding the water molecules in my body. What these water molecules were doing at the time, was aligning with the higher divine. This is where the name Serene Divination comes in. This mindset, journey, and life that I was living during my Reiki session was my life in another timeline. A divine timeline. It would be my pleasure to bring you to this beautiful place as well. Our mind body and soul working together to reach new levels of thinking and accruing knowledge we didn't realize possible, is pretty amazing. Let me show you.