May 20th, 2020
The study of planetary movement and alignment, and the way and reason of it's correlation to human beings, as well as the natural world.
June 20th, 2020
Main types of Astrology 
  • Vedic
  • Western/Tropical
What To Expect This Gemini SEASON
Gemini season is about getting down to business, in a fun way! This is a time to organize great ideas and let your mind wander into what could be... Gemini season asks us to be a bit more free flowing and light, especially when it comes to more serious or challenging situations. Gemini positively challenges us to create new connections, and amplify the love in the groups we've already made for ourselves.  Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which ignites energy of its own.
The Low Vibration Awareness: Mind goes down rabbit holes, feels get hurt, stress and anxiety, indecisiveness, and nosy/gossipy. 
HIGH Vibration Loves: Whimsical, social, talkative, intellectual stimulation, group activities, bringing fresh, new ideas, and curious thinking based on factual information.
Choose your vibration carefully...