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Sugar & Spice


Our Sugar & Spice Romantic Workshop is a great introduction for those new to metaphysical work and for those looking to relieve themselves, their romantic relationship, and their partner of stress immediately.


Service Name

What's Included?
  • 60 Minute Session centered around talk, meditation, action movement, and breath work
  • Understand, Use, & Manage Your Emotions
  • Overcome Challenges
  • Defuse Conflict
  • Follow-up email including data from our session such as: An Overview, Effective Communication Tools, Elevated Empathizing & Perception Strategies, as well as Metaphysical Practice Techniques (for when you're working on your own, with your partner, and feeling called to practice throughout your day)
  • Unconditional Love and Sacred Space Hosted

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Walk into love daily with our

Sugar & Spice Romantic Couple's Workshop.

In-Person Sessions Hosted at Luxury Hotels and Spas Located throughout Hawaii

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